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Autor: Dr. Guillermo Sánchez León.

BiokmodWeb site has been developed in Mathematica, webMathematica and Java. It runs on line, you do not need other think that your browser. It contains some features of the Mathematica Tool BIOKMOD to be applied in pharmacokinetic, internal dosimetry, and nuclear medicine.

You can make directly in this website:

To build compartmental models (constant and variable coefficients can be used) in a very easy way generating automatically the system of differential equations and their solutions, graphic representation and US (disintegrations). A specific function for multiinputs (single and constant inputs) is included.

  • To solve ICRP Models for practically all isotopes (including some specific options for Lung and Respiratory Tract) obtaining the Intake Retention Fractions (IRF), their analytical expressions (intake retention functions), the compartmental contents and the graphic representations. Acute, constant -chronic, continuous (variable in the time) and multi-inputs, even random, intakes can be used. You can accepted the default parameters or introduce specific values. They can be used to bioassay evaluations and for research and education purposes.
  • To compute the committed doses for some isotopes using non standard values. It can be expanded for many isotopes computing the accumulated disintegrations (with the function Desintegrations) and using the SEE factor supplied by other free programs as DCAL .
  • An optimal design function is included. It can be used to establish the best moment where experimental sample or bioassay should be taken.
  • Fitting functions for non linear fitting. They are applied some optimization developed by the authors an other algorithms included in Mathematica,
  • A function for evaluating uncertainties analytically.

The BiokmodWeb is considerably expanded by BIOKMOD (Mathematica is required). It can be downloaded pushing here, including detailed information about the program.

For additional information visit the author website: If you have comments, bug reports or suggestions sends an e-mail to author Guillemo Sánchez.





Nombre: Herramientas para cálculos matemáticos , estadísticos, ajustes y representaciones gráficas

Autor: Dr. Guillermo Sánchez León

Aquí se incluyen un conjunto de funciones que permiten realizar cálculos matemáticos (calculadora, derivación, integración, ecuaciones diferenciales, sistemas de ecuaciones diferenciales por métodos analíticos y numéricos etc.), estadísticos (test de hipotesis, test de normalidad, intervalos de confianza y de tolerancia, calculos de k(P/p), etc), ajustes de curvas, representaciones gráficas en 2D y 3D, optimización lineal y no lineal y más cosas. Si necesitas realizar cálculos que no se puedan realizar con las herramientas habituales puedes proponer que se incluyan aquí. Observa que una de las grandes ventajas es que estos estarán disponibles desde cualquier ordenador que esté conectado a Internet.





Nombre: Optimal Experimental Design

Autor: Dr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez Díaz

This section is devoted to the Optimal Design of Experiments subject. From general algorithms for computing optimal designs in an iterative process to adaptations for gaining in efficiency (computing time) for particular cases, including Elfving’s method for c-optimality, optimal designs for very popular models, etc. Of course, the main advantage is that they will be avaliable for any user through Internet.