2012 September : Biostatnet

Seminari SEA – Oliver Valero
Seminario del Servei d'Estadística Aplicada: Introducción al software DeducerOliver Valero - Coordinador Área Consultoría Servei d'Estadística Aplicada, UAB                       Miembro del nodo Catalunya - SEA, BIOSTATNET 27 de Septiembre de 2012 a las 11:30 Más información: enlace
X Concurso Student de Estadística Aplicada
Mediante este concurso, el Servei d’Estadística de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona juntamente con el Instituto de Estadística de Catalunya quiere potenciar el espíritu de investigación y el gusto por la Estadística Aplicada entre los estudiantes de las universidades del Estado español, así como dar a conocer el papel destacado que tiene la Estadística en la obtención de nuevos conocimientos, tanto a la comunidad universitaria como a la sociedad en general. Los aspirantes presentaran un análisis de un conjunto de datos, enmarcado en un problema real, para el cual propondrán una solución. La base de datos así como el contenido del trabajo serán inéditos y de temática librePremios Premio Idescat al mejor trabajo: dotación económica de 600 € y un curso de SAS® a Madrid o a Barcelona. Premio Almirall al mejor trabajo de bioestadística: dotación económica de 300 €. Premio SEA al trabajo más original: dotación económica de 300 €.Fecha límite para envío de trabajos12 de septiembre de 2012Enlace
VI International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Modelling (METMAVI)
The Research Centre of Mathematics -CMAT- of Minho University will host the VI International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Modelling (METMAVI) from 12th to 14th September 2012. The purpose of this workshop is to promote the development and application of spatio-temporal statistical methods in different fields related to Environmental and Health Sciences. METMAVI is a TIES conference. Contributed papers may be published in two special issues of SERRA and Journal of Environmental Statistics. Important dates: - Registration (reduced fee): From February 15, 2012 until May 15, 2012 - Extended abstract submission: May 15, 2012 - Contribution acceptance: June 15, 2012 More information in http://www.metma6.com/ or metmavi@math.uminho.pt
High dimensional and dependent functional data
The organising committee warmly encourages you to participate in this event, which provides a rare and valuable opportunity to present your work before a leading class of academics working in the eld of functional data analysis (FDA).The workshop will have a particular focus on methodological developments and associated theoretical analysis for dependent or multi-dimensional functional data, together with applications.The aim of this event is to promote discussion and the transfer of ideas and methodologies between researchers working in these important areas of FDA, with experts highlighting the challenges and developments in their respective fields of specialisation.Registration is free, but numbers are limited, so we ask those interested in participating to apply via the following link:http://sustain.bris.ac.uk/ws-fda/ Oral and poster contributions are welcome. Some financial support is available, and priority willbe given to young researchers.Deadline for contributed talks/poster submissions: 30 June 2012.Organisers:Heather Battey (Bristol)John Aston (Warwick)You can write to us at fda-organisers@bristol.ac.uk
A new article entitled “Data and Scientific Rigor” by Guadalupe Gómez Melis, Main Researcher of Node  Catalunya-BIO
A new article entitled "Data and Scientific Rigor" by Guadalupe Gómez Melis, Main Researcher of Node  Catalunya-BIO, has been published in Biocat. This very interesting editorial focuses on the importance of Statistics in general and of Biostatistics mainly, as well as on the great role of Biostatnet. You can read it here.  
Curso: "Adaptive Designs and Analysis Methods: Rationales and Approaches in Clinical Developments"
Faculty: SUE-JANE WANG, U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Office of Biostatistics, Office of Translational Sciences Center for Drug Evaluation and ResearchCoordinators: Maria Grazia Valsecchi & Stefania Galimberti. Center of Biostatistics for Clinical Epidemiology, University of Milano-BicoccaAbstract: This course is structured into three parts. The first part will give and overview of adaptive design rationales in clinical development and basic theories, to be followed by exploratory adaptive design methods. The second part will introduce rigorous statistical methodologies and the use of such methods for analyzing adequate and well-controlled confirmatory adaptive trials. Overviews on adaptation options that are appropriate for biomarker associated adaptive designs will be given. The third part will present design implementation, trial logistics models, and regulatory guidance on adaptive designs for drugs and biologics development.Both Bayesian and frequentist methods will  be illustrated using typical case examples and sources that are currently available in early and late phase development.Deadline for registration is May 1, 2012For full details on the course go to the course website.