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The thematic network BIOSTATNET aims to link together Spanish researchers in biostatistics with an integrative, multidisciplinary, flexible, and open focus.
This is a pioneer network in Spain mainly consisting of 8 nodes leaded by statisticians from different universities with own research projects and teaching experience in biostatistical matters and working closely with biomedical researchers. BIOSTATNET gathers and represents the main lines of investigation of each of the nodes involved. Its main objectives are:

  • Coordinate research and teaching of biostatistics in Spain, allowing for an international projection;
  • Promote an adequate education in biostatistics;
  • Help to show its transparency and applicability in biomedicine.

News and Activities

First Bilbao Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness
The Organizing Committee of the FBWAF21 are pleased to invite you to the First Bilbao Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness (FBWAF21) that BCAM will host online from 21st to 23rd June 2021.   This event aims to give an overview of the fair learning problem, from its origin to the current state-of-the-art, discussing future research opportunities. During these three days, invited speakers will present some of the latest methodological developments in this area as well as different applications in several domains.   The provisional schedule can be found at   Registration:   Additional information is available at the official web of the workshop      
XIV Summer School MESIO UPC-UB
The School of Mathematics and Statistics (FME) organises the XIV Summer School in Statistics from 28 June to 9 July.   The MESIO UPC-UB Summer School is a specialised training programme that increases the supply of both professional and research training in the Interuniversity Master in Statistics and Operations Research (MESIO UPC-UB), the 2nd cycle studies, the Degree in Statistical Science and Techniques, and the PhD in Statistics and Operations Research of the UPC, Statistics of the UB and Economy of the UB.   The courses are open to members from other universities as well as researchers and practitioners, working in private and public institutions, that need the use of statistical and/or machine/deep learning methodologies in their daily work.   The Summer School courses are taught by renowned visiting and UPC and UB teachers.   The 2021 edition contains 8 activities taught from 28 June to 9 July 2021. The courses defined as "face-to face" will be like this only if the COVID-19 sanitary conditions allow it. Otherwise, they will be taught on-line. In the face-to face situation, the courses are also going to be broadcast in streaming.   The price of the courses for UPC students is 120€/course.   More info:
  We are pleased to announce the “Online WORKSHOP BIOSTATNET SOFTWARE” that will take place on June 16, 2021.   This workshop is organized in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of BIOSTATNET, at which some network members will present their recently developed software packages.   PROGRAMME with information about the speakers and abstracts.   If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill in this REGISTRATION FORM.     Limited places available until full capacity of the online platform.    We encourage you to attend the WORKSHOP BIOSTATNET SOFTWARE!



Investigador Responsable: Carmen María Cadarso Suárez

Con 62 miembros liderados por Carmen Cadarso, Javier Roca, José A. Vilar y Francisco Gude investigando en: Inferencia en Modelos Aditivos Generalizados (GAM). Extensiones del Modelo GAM. Modelos Aditivos Multi-estado (MSM) en Supervivencia.


Investigador Responsable: Guadalupe Gómez Melis

El nodo Catalunya-Bio, liderado por Guadalupe Gómez Melis, está formado por 42 investigadores de cuatro universidades catalanas, tres universidades extranjeras y siete instituciones biomédicas. Sus principales líneas de investigación son de las áreas de la bioestadística y de la bioinformática.


Investigador Responsable: Pere Puig Casado

Con 21 miembros liderados por Pere Puig investigando en: modelización estadística avanzada, series temporales, datos longitudinales, curvas ROC, análisis de supervivencia y modelos mixtos.


Investigador Responsable: Carmen Armero Cervera

El Grupo Valencian Bayesian Research Group, VABAR, está formado por 29 investigadores cuyo objetivo es la implantación y desarrollo de metodologías novedosas de estadística espacial y temporal en escenarios reales de tipo epidemiológico, farmacológico y medioambiental.


Investigador Responsable: María Luz Durbán Reguera

Con 28 miembros liderados por María Luz Durbán Reguera, investigando en: Modelos basados en P-splines para datos espacio-temporales, Estimación y predicción en áreas pequeñas mediante P-splines, Métodos de estimación para curvas ROC.


Investigador Responsable: Juan de Dios Luna del Castillo

Con 10 miembros dirigidos por los catedráticos Antonio Martín Andrés y Juan de Dios Luna del Castillo, investigando en métodos tanto exactos como asintóticos para el análisis de Tablas de Contingencia


Investigador Responsable: Jesús López Fidalgo

El nodo Castilla-La Mancha – OED está formado por un total de 33 investigadores de 8 Universidades Españolas distintas y 1 extranjera. El Diseño Óptimo de Experimentos, que proporciona herramientas para una investigación más eficiente, es el punto de unión de los trabajos de estos investigadores.


Investigador Responsable: Vicente Núñez Antón

Con 32 miembros liderados por Vicente Núñez Antón investigando en: datos longitudinales, análisis de supervivencia, técnicas no paramétricas, modelización de la calidad de vida relacionada con la salud.