Post-Doc position

Post-Doc position

Application until September 15, 2020.

Post-Doc position in the research project Ecology and Dependence
Laboratory AGM-UMR 8088, University Cergy-Pontoise


Gross revenue monthly 3081€, net before tax 2500€



The post aims to support the EcoDep project for
both the theoretical point of view and the applications. Candidates will have strong mathematical
potential support, including probability theory and mathematical statistics. Specific skills in time
series analysis are welcome. In order to work on applied questions as well, R and Python
knowledges are also necessary.
The post-doc position aims at supporting the Ecodep project with collaborations in the locations in
France and abroad for collaborative work in relation with the project. This means that English (and
maybe Spanish, too) are necessary: a candidate should thus be able to travel by periods.
The proposed position is therefore dedicated to a statistician wishing to be involved in issues and
population dynamics This is why we report below several questions of importance in the project.
The modelling of population dynamics is of paramount importance in many areas of application.



PhD in Mathematics / Statistics



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