Biostatistician for The Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology Group (CNIO)

Biostatistician for The Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology Group (CNIO)

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The Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research
Centre (CNIO) is a multidisciplinary team that focuses on both methodological and applied
aspects of research into the genetic and environmental aetiology of bladder, pancreatic
and breast cancer. We aim at modelling the factors involved in cancer risk and clinical
course by integrating epidemiologic, genetic, omics and clinical data. The group
participates in a number of large international consortia, taking a leading role in the design,
implementation and analysis of association studies of these three diseases.
We are seeking a high qualified Biostatistician to assist and complement the group on its
statistical skills and needs, as well as to provide advice on study design and assistance with


Roles and responsibilities:
– Carrying out statistical analyses, including multivariate analysis of high throughput
experimental data, data mining and classification problems.
– Interpreting and explaining results from analyses, including the written reporting of methods
and results.
– Providing statistical advice to the members of the group and their collaborators.
– Providing basic training in statistical methods.
– Coordinate with the Data Manager of the group in building the tables with the variables of
interest to conduct the analyses
– Develop and maintain close liaison with Study partners both external and internal to drive
data management aspects of project delivery.


– Master degree in statistics or mathematics (with an emphasis on applied statistics in
Biomedical Sciences).
– Experience in analyzing data from epidemiological studies.
– Experience in data mining and omics data analysis will be positively evaluated.
– Experience in statistical consulting.
– Experience in the biomedical field research will be appreciated.
– Experience in cancer research and epidemiological fields and will be highly valued.
– Good knowledge of the literature on biostatistics and statistical applications in genetic and
omics epidemiology
– Programming using R or similar software.
– Excellent knowledge of English.
– Strong communication and interpersonal skills.


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