Curso: "Analytic Solutions in Management"

Curso de Introducción a la Regresión Logística y a las curvas ROC
5 julio 2011
Curso: "Management Science Optimization Modeling with SAS/OR"
12 julio 2011

El curso “Analytic Solutions in Management” se impartirá del 11 al 14 de julio en la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC) en Barcelona en el marco de la Summer School 2011 del Master Interuniversitario en Estadística e Investigación de la UPC y de la Universidad de Barcelona.

Datos importantes del curso:

  • Título: Analytic Solutions in Management
  • Impartido por: Accenture Analytics Innovation Center in Barcelona team
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Duración: 15 horas
  • Fechas y horarios: 11 al 14 de julio de 2011, de 10 a 14h
  • Fechas de matrícula: 14 de junio al 3 de julio de 2011
  • Precios: Ver la página web de la Summer School
  • Página web del curso
  • Presentación: Accenture Analytics Innovation Center in Barcelona, is a showcase for Accenture’s predictive analytics capabilities and their ability to help the C-suite meet its most pressing objectives. The Center will initially focus on the innovative development of sophisticated techniques in supply chain analytics to address many of the key business challenges facing Accenture’s clients.
    The Accenture Analytics Innovation Center in Barcelona is part of Accenture’s global network of analytics innovation centers. This network is expressly designed to help clients address their most pressing issues and improve decision-making processes by providing them with quick and easy access to a range of sophisticated analytics solutions and resources, locally and globally.
    Today’s company imperatives —driving growth, enhancing cost and cash advantage, improving operational excellence, restructuring the business at scale and winning the war for talent— all depend on a company’s ability to gain actionable insight from its data, to improve business outcomes. The Analytics Innovation Center in Barcelona and other centers around the world are dedicated to developing and delivering a full range of analytics solutions and services.
    The sessions will present Accenture Analytics Supply Chain Management areas with analytical demos of some cases.
  • Contenido del curso:
  • Day 1: Forecasting and Inventory Optimization
  • Day 2: Sourcing and Procurement Analytics
  • Day 3: Warranty & Fraud Detection
  • Day 4: Predictive Asset Maintenance