2020 enero : Biostatnet

REFERENCE: CINBIO20-10. 3 RECOGNIZED RESEARCHERS, PI JUNIOR CINBIO aims at generating first class science; training in values of excellence and make returns to the society, under a multidisciplinary approach. It is working on basic, applied and clinical research, to address prevention, diagnosis and therapy in Biomedicine. They are opening a new strategic roadmap with four main strategic areas: Molecular medicine / Nutrition and Wellness / Nanomaterials / Bio-statistics and Health informatics and intelligent systems. There are 14 research leaders in the areas of Applied Physics / Biomass and Sustainable Development / Analytical & Food Chemistry –Biotoxins- / Colloid Chemistry and Nanophotonics / Magnetic Materials / Nanocatalysis and biosensors / Organic Chemistry / Neuroscience / Endocrinology / Rare Diseases/ Immunology / Evolutionary and Biomedical Genomics / Next Generation Computer Systems / Biostatistics and Epidemiology. Profile: The Biomedical Research Center (CINBIO) offers up to 3 full-time positions RECOGNIZED RESEARCHERS, PI JUNIOR. Requested: Candidates must have postdoctoral research experience with a very good publication track record. CINBIO wants to attract and retain young talent to further develop its strategic lines of research. Skills: - Willing to build up on our strengths, and driven to become PIs established researchers in 1-2 years time. - Able to lead in executing collaborative research projects in cooperation with colleagues and project partners. - Publishes in high impact journals with a relevant role. - Committed to professional development of his/her own career and acts as mentor for PhD and Master students.   For more information download the PDF or visit https://bit.ly/37R0eBu